About the founder


Mistre Gossaye

She later joined Hilcoe, Institute of Computer Science, where she got her bachelor’s degree in computer science. It was in her senior year that her love and passion for art rekindled and manifested theirsel- ves in the form of unique and beautiful art pieces. Around the same time, Mistre realized a significant gap exists between the demand for art, especially the supply of originally designed and crafted art pieces for homes and interiors. With this potential in mind, she was set on making a business out of her talent and skill in making beautiful handmade art pieces.
Mistre then joined Enlightenment Art Academy where she learnt to sketch and paint. But she had to train herself for the rest of the skills she needed to make the home accessory products that she now makes and sells.

However, starting a business from scratch is never an easy task, let alone one that is totally unique in its very nature. Mistre’s passion and determination were well tested during this time. She convinced herself that she has all that it takes to successfully establish a unique line of business on her own.
Raising capital for starting a full-fledged business was another challenge. To raise the capital she needed and learn the business skills required, Mistre took jobs from other employers engaged in different areas of businesses and spent almost two years working on different tasks. It was then up to her talent and hard work to step up and provide with the rest of the financial resources needed to start her business. She impressed many with her work and determination and it was an easy decision for angel investors to fill in for the rest of the investment.
The following years have been quiet a rollercoaster ride for Mistre. It has been over 3 years now since she fully engaged herself in this business of making and selling art pieces. She now has her own workshop, a showroom that she designed, employees working under her supervision and a smoothly running business with happy customers.

Mistre has gained recognition and praise from many for her commitment to art and original work. She has been featured in a number of television and radio programs including a spot on the satellite TV channel EBS and the daytime TV programs ‘Arhibu’ and ‘Bete Wubet’ on EBC. Her work has also caught the attention of various magazine articles including a cover story on the monthly published magazine ‘Keha Eske pe.
To top it all off, Mistre was the winner of the third Proof of Concept Award 2016 for developing innovative solutions that address climate change challenges, a program run by The World Bank in collaboration with The Ethiopian Climate Innovation Center.

Under the management and direction of Mistre, BeMistre Home Accessories has now made and sold custom made paintings and accessories for a number of customers, for both business and home use.

Mistre has even bigger plans for her company in the future, which will certainly need her talent and determination. Under the guidance of Mistre, BeMistre Home Accessories will certainly be working to exceed its own standards. She is now eyeing into the future as she keeps saying “the future is even more exciting.”

The Work


Home Accessories

We have a unique collection of art pieces that will add glamour and class to your interior. Each piece is handmade with full attention and care, which is why we constantly deliver authentic and original work all of which have their own unique aesthetics and meaning.

Because our pieces add a tremendous aesthetic value to any interior’s feel and decoration, they are of interest to luxurious hotels in Addis Ababa. There are a number of hotels that regularly come to us for their interior decorations. Other business owners’ interest is also caught by the ornamenting power of our pieces and thus our work can be found in various offices and workspaces of different corporations. We have a considerable number of customers that come to us for decorating their homes as well.
Due to the artistic and sentimental values our pieces have, they have been regularly picked, wrapped, and presented as gifts to loved ones. They are very unique in their nature and represent a special and a higher level of originality to those at the receiving end.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we use two different approaches to serve them best. The first and most convenient approach is when clients come to our shop, where they find an elegant collection of art with plenty of options to choose from.
Our shop is designed to make you feel at home. Most importantly, it is built to help you visualize the art pieces in different places and placements. The other, and most customized, approach is when we come to you and assess your space to come up with art pieces that best works with your interior.

We have a continuing relationship with our clients, which has been the foundation of our success. Earning the trust of our clients has resulted in increased foot traffic to our showroom and the number of orders coming in. Our clients are a major reference to our art pieces and they are all brand ambassadors for our work.
‘Sefed,’ our traditional home equipment, which we primarily use in our homes, is a very symbolic equipment that represents the pride we have in our long lasting culture of making things of our own for our own use. It is safe to say that we all, as Ethiopians, have a high level of attachment to this beautiful cultural item.
BeMistre Home Accessories has been customizing ‘Sefed’ using different styles and materials but still keeping the main cultural elements untouched. In order to fit the cultural ‘Sefed’ with modern interiors, we had to make minor adjustments to the materials used. The adjustments we made were effective in giving rise to beautiful but modern art pieces that represent our culture and give glamor to any modern interior as well.
This painting is titled ‘Harar’s’. Inspired by how the people of Harar stunningly decorate their homes, this special piece is made to represent the way Hararies use a ‘Sefed’ to decorate their homes. The painting’s colors are specifically chosen to reflect the vibrant colored cultural dresses the women of Harar elegantly wear.
This piece is titled ‘The Winner.’ It represents the winners in life. It artistically illustrates the message of winning by using the process of fertility, where only one out of millions of seeds makes it to the egg and only that seed lives a longer life.
Made out of recycled plastic bags and packages, these beautiful little touches of art can be penholders for your office desks and/or be used as decorative vases for your homes.
They are made out of recycled plastic bags; each piece absorbing 40 to 100 recycled plastic bags and packages. They add a bit of color and culture to an otherwise modernly themed office or home.
The abstract piece in the middle is titled ‘City Woman.’ It illustrates a woman that has tattoos on her face, which defines the cultural beauty standard of women in the countryside of Ethiopia. The piece represents women from the countryside, who overcame all barriers with their will power and determination to see and indulge in what the rest of the world has to offer. This piece is for our fellow women, who are the masters of their own fate.

The Work



Furniture designs are also another medium for us at BeMistre Home Accessories to reflect on our cultural heritage. Our country is home for a variety of unique furniture designs. We inherited countless functional home elements and furniture designs, together with the traditional working methods, which are a major part of this priceless legacy.

We have effectively managed to modernize the inherited working methods of furniture into making our own functional, beautiful and inviting furniture products that fit both cultural and modern interiors.

At BeMistre, we strongly believe that each product should have its own unique appeal and look. Whether we possess the ability and skill to craft our imaginations into furniture master- pieces or not, we all know what we exactly want and what meets our needs, which results in diversified demands and desires. Thus, we at BeMistre are always ready to quench this personal thirst of yours with our diversified furniture collection and custom designed works.

Custom designed bench

The traditional apparatus anciently used as a chain inspires this particular bench design. We managed to carve the essence of the traditional chain into a very appealing but most importantly comfortable bench chair.

Like most of our furniture products, this beautiful bench is made out of thick quality wood, which gives it the strong but glowing and inviting look it is seen to possess.
We crafted it to have the traditional look while still keeping its simplicity and minimalism style.
It’s an appealing furniture to anyone of different stature and background.
A magnificent masterpiece on its own, this cabinet shares its ambience to the interior that it’s placed in and any item that is placed inside or on top of it.
The handles are very much antique and completely unique.

Custom designed cabinet

Made out of solid wood, this custom designed cabinet is crafted to be compact and strong. It is designed to have an antique and ancient style, while also keeping it modern and functional. We plan to go further in making furniture and home accessories with such antique and unique looks in the future.

Custom designed desk

This multifunctional desk is made for both professional and home use purposes. Its light beige color mixed with its simple and reliable structure, this furniture is a legacy that you can pass on to the next generation.

Its design is inspired by furniture used in an ancient traditional event known as ‘Geber Mablat,’ where kings invite tax payers to a food festival as a way of showing their appreciation.
The tax payers used to sit on bars and eat on tables that looked like the age-old version of this desk.
It can also be used by students to sit and study on or as a desk for reading and writing.

Custom designed shelf

This shelf design, like other works of ours, is made to fit various types of interiors and smoothly blend-in with items placed on it. It’s a shelf that has a very simple yet sophisticated structure, designed to be efficient but yet practical.
We have managed to keep the look of the tree on visible parts of the shelf giving it its natural grace and elegance.

Besides its functional value as a shelf with plenty of room for placing different types of items, this shelf is also furniture that decorates your interior by bringing to it a very fresh and natural feel.
Designed by Mistre Gossaye, Founder and Managing Director of BeMistre Home Accessories, our showroom encompasses natural interior elements that are custom designed and made to fit the quality and authenticity standards we strive for our art works to reflect. She used natural materials to make the showroom interior in a way that complements the art pieces displayed in it.
“The plan was to create a showroom that would make anyone feel calm and at ease as they walk through the door” said Mistre. Thus she put so much emphasis on making sure people feel at home when in the showroom. The lighting, colors, custom designed furniture, placements of the art pieces altogether coupled with the warm welcome you get when you walk in, make the showroom a place you don’t just come to shop, but a place where you come to belong.